Here are what some people have said about Geoff’s music:

“Geoffrey Mays paints soundscapes…multitudinous and varied soundscapes…
Soothing, uplifting, grooving, ethereal, down to the bone, and all shades in-between.
And it’s all original material, straight from the heart.
Some vocal, some instrumental, and all of it impassioned with a deep love of music and of life in general.”
– Martin P. Jawanehrul

“I enjoyed listening to Geoffrey Mays’ music. I thought he did a very nice job realizing a good full sound. The songs are well thought out and engaging.”
– Michael Canning
Music Director, KLCC Public Radio
Eugene, Oregon

“Geoffrey Mays is a master of acoustic and electric guitars, and he uses multi-tracking very effectively on a number of cuts to paint a brilliant aural palette, from new age acoustic jazz to rock and funk. This album is a very professional product with special guests (excellent musicians I might add) on eight of the fourteen tunes. With a total playing time of over 65 minutes, this CD is a great buy. From the opening riffs on ‘Aidan’s Dream’ (written on the day of his nephew’s birth) to the closing beat of ‘High and Dry’ (celebrating his time in New Mexico), Geoffrey Mays leads us through a stimulating musical journey of life, inspiration, joy and bliss. Mays takes nature’s rhythms, and allows us to feel the circular patterns from within, eliminates illusion as he illuminates his surroundings. Very Zen! ‘Journeys’ hits the bull’s eye for delivering some creative goods from ethereal textures to energetic cosmic wavefiles. I give this album two thumbs up.”
– Joe Ross

“Geoffrey Mays in one of the finest acoustic and electric guitarists now composing in jazz, and his ability to perform intricate stylings is the hallmark of his music.  Joined with other musicians of high caliber, Mays soars with the original material found in JOURNEYS WITHIN & AFAR.  This collection has 14 memorable songs. Among them are “And It Keeps On Rolling Along,” the intricate and enjoyable “All Saint’s Day,” “Rain By The Sea,” “Highland Breeze,” “The Red Bird,” “Barefoot and Smiling,” to name a few. This is an outstanding collection of jazz guitar music by one of the best in the area. If you are looking for something enjoyable, something that can be played again and again with enjoyment, something that sparkles with imagination, then please give a listen to Geoffrey Mays and his JOURNEYS WITHIN & AFAR. This CD collection will surprise you with its high level of creativity and fine solo performance work. With this CD collection, the jazz listening audience will discover some unusual and reflective music, filled with guitar images which linger long after JOURNEYS WITHIN & AFAR is completed. Geoffrey Mays is a powerhouse talent and has the ability to play songs which reveal a prism of colorful imagery.”
– Lee Prosser
rozwizca (at)

“Geoffrey Mays is definitely at the top of his game as far as musicianship goes. He has the technical ability and control that is the foundation of a professional artist. With that foundation, and assisted by a group of equally talented musicians, Mays has created a spectrum of spiritually moving tone poems. There is a soulful grace to Geoffrey’s compositions, whether it be accomplished with an acoustic guitar or a fuzzy electric. The melodies flow out of the speakers in a stream of consciousness that embeds in the mind and envelops the heart. My wife wanted to say she also appreciated listening to the album. Most of all, she enjoyed the pieces with strongly melodic themes.”
– Darryl Mondrow
North Bend, WA
dmondrow (at)