Soringhart StudiosDue to Soringhart Studios intimate atmosphere, the environment is best suited for smaller or solo acts. Although, we have had great success with Syd & Fancy (just ask ’em), which is a 6-piece punk/bluegrass band.

Soringhart Studios capabilities include:
Hard-disc recording with Apple Logic.
Can do live two-track recordings with DAT or laptop.
The studio can also assist with the graphic design process and photo shoots, if desired.


Consultation: FREE!
Risk-free to see if this is the right studio for you.

Short-Term Projects: $30/hour
No commitment.

Long-Term Projects: $25/hour
An example of a long-term project would be if your band wanted to record an album.

Recording Clients

Abigail Rose (singer songwriter)
Ali Losik (jazz)
Atrial Flutter (indie rock)
Birds Love Filters (indie rock)
Barbara Nelson (western swing)
Blue Lotus (in their formative days) (jam band)
Blue Note 5 (jazz)
Butterfly Blue (indescribable joy!)
Carmizin (jazz-latin-rock)
Cathy Martini (singer songwriter)
Ceila Levine (singer songwriter)
David Mitchell (singer songwriter)
Enjuh (rhythm & blues)
Ila Kreigh (singer songwriter)
Itay Vagner (singer songwriter)
Jake Lesiak (singer songwriter)
Jason Sylte (original instrumental and vocal)
Jon Fiori (jazz & swing)
Julie Whitmore & Steve Sax (singer songwriters)
Kelly-Rose Zuvuya (guided meditations)
Kinlen Wheeler (meditations)
LA MI LA SOL (Early music)
Nancy Ream (jazz)
Partyboobytrap (whattheheck?)
Rich Glauber (singer songwriter)
Sally-Jo Keala-o-Anuenue Bowman (Hawaiian music, folk)
Soulicious (funk, soul and r&b)
Spin One-Half (rock n’ roll)
Syd ‘n Fancy (punk/bluegrass)
The Muse (rockin tunesmiths)
Vega (jazz-rock)