Geoffrey Mays has been playing guitar and composing music for over 40 years now. For over two decades, he has passed his love, knowledge, and passion for the guitar onto both aspiring and established musicians. If you are interested in taking lessons from Geoffrey at Soringhart Studios, you’ve come to the right place!

Soringhart Studios provides a warm and inviting environment to learn and record in.  Students find working in such a place very nurturing, under the patient direction of Geoffrey Mays.


1st session: FREE!

It’s important to see how well the teacher meshes with the student, and if Soringhart is right for you!

Normal rates: $25/session

Sessions generally run around 50 minutes to an hour. Geoff likes to meet with his students once a week, if at all possible. No contracts or obligations required.

Special rates: $100/month

Well hey, isn’t that just normal price? Not exactly, students who pay for a month in advance benefit from both ease of mind and getting an extra session for free during those months that allow. Example, March 2017 had five Fridays – you would have gotten an hour-long lesson for free!

Call Soringhart Studios at (503) 490 – 2542 or send an email to papadootz@gmail.com!

Geoffrey is able to teach beginner and intermediate students. During the intro lesson, together the two of you can discuss your musical goals and aspirations. It is never too late (or too early) to start learning the guitar. You can bring your amp, pedals, etc. into the studio and Geoffrey can train you on how to get the most out of your gear. It is not necessary to bring along an amp if using an electric guitar, you can plug right into the studio board.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and bring in other learning materials you may have!

Music can create magic in your life and be both a catalyst and outlet for inspiration.