Geoffrey Mays’ recordings include:

Album Name Listen
GEO4 – Fundamental Happening

Geoffrey Mays – A Fount of Love

Geoffrey Mays – Journeys Within & Afar

Vega – Summer Triangle

Spin One-Half – Beautiful Drift

Carmizin – Metamorphosis

Geoffrey Mays – A Rash of Midnights

The Muse (band with Jay Bishoff) – Moments Beyond Time

Geoffrey “Papa Dootz” Mays – Bluz 4 Kidz (of all ages)

Geoffrey Mays & Friends – Dusty Gems From The Past

Geoffrey Mays – Healing Muses for the Earth & for Ourselves

Geoffrey Mays with David Mitchell – Austin-Eugene

Geoffrey Mays with David Bowers – Watermelon Sugar

Soringhart (the band) – A Butterfly In Flight

For questions about where to purchase any of Geoffrey Mays’ recordings, contact Soringhart Studios directly from the Contact page.